Friday, 31 May 2013

may favourites


Here are my may favourites, I have so many at the moment but I had to really whittle it down to my absolute best favourites or we would be here all day! I will also link at the bottom where you can get the products.

so here we go...

my first favourite is the Rimmel match perfection face powder in the shade 001 translucent. I love this as it's really light but the coverage is brilliant. I have an oily T zone and that is mostly where I use it an it works wonders for me I don't like to use a face powder all over my face as I like my skin to look dewy and fresh but for my oily areas and to touch up though out the day its perfect.

My next favourite is the L'Occitane crème radieuse hydration cream, this is a cream I am in love with. I got this sample pot in my may glossy box and I will definitely be buying the full size one when I run out of this one.
You apply to your face and neck morning and night and it claims to plump, smooth and make the skin look radiant, and it does exactly that as well as making my skin tone look even. it is a bit pricey but I would say it is 100% worth it.

                                                           £30.00/50ml (full size)


My favourite brush of may is the real techniques stippling brush, I've wanted one of these for so long as I love how soft the real techniques brushes are. I was a bit hesitant as first to use it with my foundation because I apply it with my fingers usually as I never get a good enough result with a brush so I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was but I was so impressed the first time I used it. The results were an airbrushed flawless finish and I even found that used less foundation as this buffed it into my skin as to usually just smearing it around with my hand.

 a closer look at the bristles.       


Next is the Barry M Gelly nail polish in the colour prickly pear 316. its a really shinny pastel lilac colour, its a perfect fresh colour which I have been wearing all spring. I will definitely be buying more colours in the Gelly range as it still looks fresh and shinny after 3 days wear, which is perfect for me as I don't get time repaint my nails every other day. so this has a big thumbs up from me!


the mascara that I have been using non stop over may is the by jelly pong pong fairy lashes one, and again this one i got in my glossy box and it's actually full size so I was super impressed with that and will 100% be purchasing this! it is a water proof mascara which I'm yet to test out if it actually is but I will do that and let you know how water proof it is but aside from that its light and doesn't clump and my lashes still feel soft and not hard and crispy when its on. I also don't wear false lashes when I use this mascara as it makes my lashes looks so long on its own. I really am so happy with this product and think its the best mascara I've tried so far.

A closer look at the brush. 

Another favourite is this lipstick from the Body shop, its the colour glide lip colour in the shade neon pink 59. I am totally in love with this lipstick its so moist on your lips even though the colour dries on you lips it doesn't make you lips feel dry. the best thing I love is that if you just lightly apply one coat to your lips it's just a light pink glossy look or you can apply about the three coats and its a matte bold colour. 

A swatch of the lipstick.  

And last but not least my obsession of the month the eos organic lip balm in honeysuckle honeydew, I love, love, love it! it tastes amazing my lips feel so soft and moisturised and I literally take it with me very where. This is a definite must have and I can never imagine not having this to go to when my lips are dry or chapped now. if you haven't tried it you must and a bonus is it comes in so many different flavours so there definitely one to suit everyone.
I'm also very excited to try more eos products!


links to all the products.
                            Rimmel match perfection powder.
                            Real techniques stippling brush.
                            Barry M nail polish.
L'Occitane hydration cream.                                                        ,83,1,29949,272249.htm                       
                The body shop lipstick.                                                                                        
jelly pong pong mascara.                                                                                                   
eos lip balm.                                                                                                                   
hope you found my may favourites helpful!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Spend or save....designer vs high street


So it's mine and my boyfriend James' two year anniversary this week and I've ask him to get me a new handbag but like any normal man he hasn't got a clue what one get me so I have had to show him a few I like and he is going to pick out of the ones I like. So at least I know I'll like it :)
And while I was choosing and saving lots of pictures to my IPad of gorgeous bags I love, I thought I would do a post on designer and designer inspired high street. 
So if you like me can't afford to always splurge out on that beautiful designer bag here are some just as nice and with just as nice price tag....enjoy!



Monday, 13 May 2013

DIY midi ring tutorial


I just wanted to share with you my first ever video I've made and edited, it has taken me quite a while to get it done but I am really pleased with it as like I said it is my first attempt so I expected it to not even be anything how its turned out. And also with it being filmed on my iPad it was so hard to actually get it in the right position but with a little help from some DVDs and a hairspray can it worked! 

I've had to post the link as i couldn't  upload the video on to here.

So I hope you enjoy it :)