Friday, 31 January 2014

January favourites

I decided at the beginning of the year to make time to blog more and to try and get a monthly favourites done every month of this year and now here suddenly is the end of January! (so scary I really hope this year doesn't fly by like the last) so here are my January favourites.

My first favourite lip products this month is the Rimmel moisture renew lipstick in the shade 520 violet pop I have been loving this lipstick as it doesn't dry out my lips and the colour is gorgeous dark purple red colour which is a perfect winter colour.


The next lip product is the Urban Decay lip junkie lip gloss its a small sample that came with my Naked palette 2, I am in love with this lip gloss as it cools and plumps so it really makes my lips look fuller which is the main thing I love as I have really thin lips! The colour is really natural bronze shimmer so its perfect to wear over other colour lipsticks too. As soon as I've used the sample up this will be a definite future purchase and a definite must have for me.


Urban Decay Naked flushed palette, I got this in December and have been using it every day since I'm addicted! The blush is gorgeous as its a shimmery red colour which looks so nice on my skin tone. I also love that its so easy to travel with as It fits in my bag and I don't have to take two or three different pots around with me.

Real techniques Expert face brush is my favourite brush I have been using this month I had wanted this for so long and finally I got it for Christmas, like all the real techniques brushes it is super soft and feels amazing on my skin! I use it for my foundation as it gives me a flawless finish and is perfect to buff the foundation in for a natural look.
Trevor Sorbie beautiful blonde ice cool platinum UV shine protector spray is what I have been using on my hair a lot this month, even though I mainly bought this to use in the summer to protect my hair from the UV rays as my hair is very damaged from bleaching and curling. I've been using it more now though as it gives my hair a really natural healthy shine as like I said with my hair being damage its very dry and dull so it helps it look a lot healthier and it also smells lovely too!

Last in my favourites is the Right Guard Xtreme dry deodorant I had been using sure for the last 6 years and I found that it just wasn't working for me anymore, so I decided to try something new and this was my choice... and it was a good one it is fantastic for me it keeps me dry all day and I'm not feeling like I need to re spray it every two minutes like I did with the sure because it has 72 hour protection. The only thing I don't like is that it does leave white marks but I think you can buy one that doesn't so I'm going to try and get that one next but aside from that its my new favourite deodorant!

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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Mens Valentines gift guide!

For me valentines day is not about lavish gifts or expensive evenings out but just a small thoughtful gesture to tell the one you love how much you love them! so I've picked out a few gifts that I love and think are perfect little personal gifts to give to your man this valentines.

                               Wue "You are the bacon to my sarnie" Wooden cuff links £25.00

Love me do chili, ginger and almond praline chocolates £3.85

Dolce&Gabbana The One for men £33.50 30ml

Merci Man Personalised coordinate open disc bracelet £45.00
Personalised mix tape MP3 player £14.99

Mr Men "Mr Perfect" wash care kit £14.00
F&F Lips print trunks £4.00

I hope these gifts have helped you finding a gift for the one you love!
Happy valentines and thanks for reading!


Wednesday, 29 January 2014

valentines wish list/gift guide for her!

As valentines is just round the corner I've been thinking about gift ideas to drop to my boyfriend as like many men he just doesn't have a clue when valentines day is let alone what gift to buy me!
Of course what ever you get from or to your loved one it will be special as on valentines day you don't have to go crazy to show that special someone how much they mean to you.

So here are my top gifts that I would like and that also think would make lovely gifts to anyone too.

Vera Wang Princess EDT 30ml £33.50


Too Faced Sweetheart Blush £24.00

Hotel Chocolat Lovely hearts milk £7.50

Lush Prince charming shower gel £4.65/100g, £9.25/250g, £15.95/500g

Pandora Delicate Heart Ring £35.00

 Yankee candle True Rose medium jar candle £16.99

Alex and Ani Key to my heart Russian gold bangle £24.00

Lush Toucan love Gift set £10.95

Shoe Bakery Special Edition Valentines sprinkle flats $60.00

Mens gift guide coming up!

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Monday, 20 January 2014

my real techniques brushes collection

A closer look at my Real techniques brush collection from my review/what I use each brush for on my Youtube channel. (link below)


Powder brush

Stippling brush

Expert face brush

Core collection
Detailer brush

                                                                   Buffing brush

                                                                    Contour brush

                                                            Pointed foundation brush


Link to the youtube video


Monday, 13 January 2014

Two looks one palette

Hi guys, I'm finally back blogging after a long time off! I've finally got my laptop fixed and I'm back with two eye looks from the Urban decay naked 2 palette. I'm a bit behind with the naked palettes as I got the naked 2 for Christmas just as the naked 3 came out but I thought I would still do a look with it as I'm sure many people still haven't got the naked 3like me. but the naked 3 is next on my wish list!

If you haven't got the naked 2 then similar colours in any other palette will work just as well.

      On the right eye a neutral everyday look and on the left eye a dark shimmery smokey eye.

On the left eye I used dainty doll eye shadow base 001 on my lid up to the crease then I used Rimmel glam eyes liquid eyeliner in 001 black glamour to make a line from my lower lash line up to the outer corner of my eye to determine how far I want the black to go. then taking the naked palette 2 I used Blackout with a flat shader brush and applied that to the outer corner of my eye to about quarter of the way across my eye and then made a thin line along the crease of my eye, then using a fluffy blending brush I blended it so there were no harsh lines. then using verve I blended this into the middle of my eye where the black ends and then using ydk on the inner corner of my eye and in the crease and then taking it down into the tear duct, using the fluffy blending brush again going over the crease and above moving in small circular motions just smoothing out any harsh lines. now taking black out again on a small angled brush I lined my lower lash line and then taking a Helen E loose shimmer powder in the number 18 I press this onto three quarters on f my eye starting at the inner corner, next I line my upper lash line with the same Rimmel liquid liner I used at the beginning. I then applied a few coats of Avon super shock mascara and eyelure pre-glued lashes.
On the right eye I used Dainty Doll eye shadow base 001 all over my lid and up to the brow bone then taking a flat shader brush I used booty call all over my lid up to the crease then taking tease and applying it to the outer corner of my eye and my crease and then blending that in with a fluffy blending brush, next I take pistol and blend that into the outer corner and along the lower lash line then using foxy to high light my brow bone and again going over with a fluffy blending brush in small circular motions just to blend out any harsh lines. now using a body shop eyeliner in the shade blue smoke I tight line my upper and lower lash line and apply a few coats of Avon super shock mascara.
 I love both of these looks and hope you enjoy recreating them yourself. please tag me in your pictures on Instagram @Hannahnhearts and twitter @hannahnicolab if you do try it out!

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