Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Wedding daze


So as I mentioned in my last post i had a wedding to go to Friday just gone and it really was a lovely day. I'm usually not a fan of weddings as they can be so military and I just feel tense and can't relax and enjoy myself, But I really did this time. It was relaxed and everyone was so friendly. Ethan came with us and he was so good in the church even though by the end of the ceremony he was bored out of his little brain!
I was really nervous because it was my boyfriends family and it was the first time I have met them all so I was really trying to make an extra effort and look my best, but thankfully his family were lovely and made me feel so welcome.

My outfit

The dress and bag is south from very.co.uk.
The shoes are love label from very.co.uk.
The black blazer is from new look.

It was a real child friendly day and Ethan was not the only child running around and using the decorations as toys so that was especially what thought was great as it didn't make me feel on edge.
All the children got one of these cute little boxes with their name on and inside there were sweets, a car and a colouring book with crayons. So that kept him amused for a while.

Some pictures from the day
Me and James after the ceromony

Ethan eating his soup I think he got more on the table cloth than in his mouth!
Ethan picking me Somme daffodils...the little cutie!

Toddle pips

Monday, 29 April 2013

Technical difficulties!!


So I'm getting majorly stressed out as I've just finished writing my post on my outfit for the wedding I went to on Friday and my iPad goes crazy and decides to not work so I'm going to have to try again tomorrow as I've now resorted to a nice relaxing bath to try to chill out!

Wish me luck for tomorrow when I'm going to try again.

Nightey night

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Catching up

So I haven't posted since last Friday as I haven't been well, me and my boyfriend decided to take Ethan to the sea side on Saturday and we didn't even make it out of the car as I had a major panic attack. so we had to get the paramedics out and go straight home....which wasn't fun driving for an hour with a severe migraine and feeling like you going to be sick any minute!

And now Ethan is unwell! So I'm currently up with him, making jam on toast, giving doses of calpol and giving lots of cuddles. I think he has chicken pox so a fun few days ahead of me!!! And we have a family wedding to go to on Friday so I'm hoping it isn't actually chicken pox. (fingers crossed for me)

I have been franticly looking for a dress and today I finally found one and considering it was just one of those "oh that will do" purchases I actually love it! So now I am very excited for the wedding. And then I have another wedding next Friday too, so another outfit is needed... Oh the pain of all the shopping I'm having to do! Haha!.....NOT!

I've also been filming my first video too and editing it, which is soo much harder than I thought! But hopefully it will be on soon :)

Oh! And on Monday I got my date for my interview for college to study beauty therapy so I'm very excited and nervous about that!

That's pretty much my week so far, so until the next time......Toddle pips my loves


Friday, 19 April 2013

Body shop party and purchases


So last Friday I had a Body shop party I invited all my girl friends over made a lovely dinner for everyone and cracked open a few bottles of rosé, it was a lovely night especially getting to try all the products out in the comfort of your own home and getting your friends opinion on things too. 

I had never used Body shop products before so I didn't really know what to expect...but I was really impressed and will definitely be buying from there a again.

As the party host I got a free gift which was their vanilla body mist, which smells amazing and is a nice light scent for day to day wear and because I booked a party in April a free bottle of wine too! Then in the first game we played I won the wild rose hand cream which again smells amazing and is fantastic, it's a 100ml tube and you only need a small amount for your hands  (I do my elbows at the same time) so it's going to last a while, it is a hand cream for mature skin as it helps the appearance of brown spots so if you looking for a product to moisturise and fade then I would definitely recommend this.  I also won on the raffle an eye definer in a smokey blue colour which I've used a lot since having it, it's a lovely soft pencil and glides on so easy.

The products I really loved and brought were the all-in-one BB cream in number 02 medium, a vitamin E face mist to freshen up your face though the day or set your make up, this I was especially impressed with as I used the tester that night and my face felt lovely, fresh and hydrated all night, so I'm really excited about using that! Then I also got a lipstick which when it got delivered was not the one I wanted so I was a bit gutted about that so I'm waiting for the one I wanted to come. 

It was a really good night in with friends and I would definitely recommend the Body shop :)

All my goodies!!


Thursday, 18 April 2013

First blog post Hi!

So here's my first blog I have been wanting to do one for ages but thought who the hell would want to  read about little ol me...but I've finally made one as maybe there is someone out there who would. (haha! just kinding I bet there's no one but thought I'd give it a go anyway)
 So basically it will be about things I enjoy most in life like make up, fashion, my adorable little boy and my day to day scuffle with life.

So I'm 23 I have a little boy of three named Ethan and as you can guess he is the apple of my eye! I also have a dog named scrappy who is a jack Russel/chihuahua and a very fluffy cat named tintin, Please note the names were chosen by my son. And when my time isn't spent running around after my son it's spent running around after my boyfriend James who in my eyes is my second child!

I'm mostly known as cute little blonde Hannah which I hate as like I always say "how can I be cute
im not a bloody baby" so just recently I died my hair a dark purple/reddy colour....and I HATE it!
So in future I think I'll be sticking to my blonde locks.

My bestfriend is my sister, just my sister not my twin as most people think we are twins especially now I have dark hair, and you will probably see her beautiful face on here more than mine as I love putting make up on other people and she is always the victim.

My dream job would be a fashion stylist I love to experiment with clothes and dress people up in what I think looks great! I love to do anything that I can put my own stamp on, and at the end see something beautiful that I've created or put together.

Anyway I will stop going on and on now and actually post something worth reading!