Thursday, 8 August 2013

H&M Autum/Winter 2013 lust list

Hi guys, It already seems summer is coming to an end and its time to start thinking about packing away your shorts and sandals and reaching for your knitted jumpers and trusty boots. I received my H&M A/W catalogue a few days ago and couldn't believe it was that time of the year again! 

So here's my lust list of things I am loving in the A/W 2013 catalogue .

Coat with quilted sleeves £34.99
Stretch trousers £7.99
Twill skirt £7.99
Beaded sweatshirt £29.99
Jacket with studs £29.99
Leggings £14.99
Ankle boots £29.99
Shoulder bag with rivets £24.99
Knitted hat £6.99
Necklace £14.99
Thanks for reading and I would love to hear your thoughts on what your favourite pieces are too!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Essie sleek stick nail stickers review

Hi guys!

I have wanted to try the Essie nail sticker for quite some time now and I finally got the chance to when I received them in my July glossy box I got them in 05 a to zebra and I wasn't overly excited about the pattern and colour as I'm not a huge fan of animal print and they are like the name says zebra print the colour of them was just a matte black with the glossy black as the zebra print.
But this weekend I had my cousins 18th birthday to go to and I really couldn't decide what colour nail polish to wear and didn't want to just go for the one I've been using nonstop for the last month so I thought I would just give them ago.

So applying them was so easy I thought they were going to be very fiddly but surprisingly they were a lot easier than painting my nails as I usual mess one or two up and have to go back and clean and reapply them. you get an instructions leaflet with them that I didn't even look at, a nail file and nine pairs of different sized stickers. So after you have worked out what size will fit each nail you just peel off the sticker and apply to your nail with the more square end being on the top of your nail and the more rounded edge on the bottom, then with a pair of nail scissors cut the access and file down for a more neater finish, and tada! It's as simple as that.

The finished product!


After they were all applied there was no drying time so I could just carry on doing what I needed too, which for me was brilliant as with nail polish I'm to impatient to wait around for it to dry and end up with smudged chipped nails. I did find my right hand harder to do though but I think that comes with any thing when your using the opposite hand, so that hasn't made me like them any less.

The thing that I am most impresses with is how long they last I put them on Saturday and its now Wednesday and they are all still intact with no signs of peeling, or that they are going to just come off anytime soon. They are a little chipped on the ends but nothing to major and my right hand looks a little more chipped than the left as I am right handed so that is to be expected but for what I've done with them on I am amazed that they are still on and don't seem to be moving at all, I have done cleaning in them with bleach and did not wear gloves (not to be advised but I'm just silly and don't think of the consequences) I have had my hand in a washing up bowl for at least an hour on Sunday when I was helping my nan clean up after the party and they have not budged. so you can get a good few days wear from them and even when they are chipped its nothing to noticeable. So for £9.99 they do seem expensive but in my opinion you definitely get your moneys worth.


So I can really not be any more happier with them and I will be buying them as for me they are so much easier than nail polish and quicker for when your in a rush or don't have the time to sit and wait for nail varnish to dry so for me that's pretty much all the time! I'm hoping they do a good selection of colours and patterns and look forward to trying them all out.

Score out of 10...9

Buy them here!

My picture of the day I also had to share with you as it is so cute, I was taking the pictures of the wear of them on my phone today and Ethan was sitting with me and he just popped his hand out and asked if I could take one of his! Haha! The little cutie :)

(His nails look a little dirty as he hadn't had a bath yet)

Thanks for reading guys

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A new look

Hi guys! I haven't posted for a while as I've had technical difficulties, My laptop is horrendous and just has a mind of its own and doesn't do what I want it to so I have been getting majorly stressed with it so I had a little break so I'm ready and refreshed to take it on again, well until I start to get stressed with it again but I am hoping for a MacBook for my birthday so hopefully it wont be too long until I can post everyday with out it being a huge deal and trauma. But anyway I've finally got a new look for my blog it has taken me ages to sort it out and get it looking exactly how I want it and I am so happy with it. I have gone back and updated all my past post so it all looks neat and the same though out. I now that's crazy and yes it took me ages to do but I am a bit of a perfectionist and have to has to have every thing just so! Hence why its taken me so long to complete the look of my blog. but I hope you all I like it, I just think it looks a lot neater and simple. So please feel free to leave me a comment on what you think of it I would love to hear your feed back.

Thanks for reading

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

top 5 summer nail polish

Hi! As the the summer is in full swing I thought I would share my top 5 nail polishes that are my favourite so far in the summer 2013!

I love most colours in my collection but these 5 are the ones I mostly go too to finish off my summer outfits.

So number 1 is
Headline colors nail polish in catwalk which is a pinky red colour, I got this in a glossy box a few months ago a never used it till this week and instantly I loved it the colour is perfect for summer. The thing I love the most about this nail polish its red but a very different shade to all the other countless reds I've got. I wear it with really pale coloured outfits to bring a pop of colour.

Number 2 is
Boujoirs Paris so laque glossy in the colour 03 BCBeige, This is neutral colour which I use on my nails when I have a lot of colour going on with my clothes as its still a very distinctive colour but not too bright and can be worn with almost any colour.

Number 3 is
Gelly high shine nail paint by Barry M in the colour prickly pear 316 again like the last it is a pastel lilac colour and is such a pretty colour on, I love the gelly shine nail paints from Barry M, i think they stay looking fresh for days. This colour I usually team with a pastel colour outfit as its still quite a subtle colour so never looks too much when pair with similar colours.

Number 4 is
Nail paint by Barry M. This one I'm not 100% sure on what the name is on the bottom where the name usually is, is the letter A so I'm assuming that is the name. but if its not then it's limited edition and the number is 327 its a neon pink colour and I love it! if I had to choose one fav this summer this would be it, it is bright and to me it just feels so summery and looks amazing teamed with a cute floral dress. (In the picture this one looks red and similar to the headline colors one but it is really a bright pink)

And finally number 5 is
Color club professional nail laquer in the colour London calling this is actually from the wanderlust collection but I got mine in a BirchBox and I fell in love with it straight away! It is a pastel mint green colour and to me just screams summer, i love to wear it with an outfit that is just one block colour so my nails are the statement. the only down side to the this is that its a very tricky colour to apply as any mistakes can easily be seen as its such a pastel colour.

Thanks for reading

Monday, 29 July 2013

Devon memories

Hi! I'm so sad to back from Devon it was so lovely to have a break from the usual day to day life, it has also made me want to move there so much more! the way of life there is so much more relaxed and to have a beach right on my door step would be my idea of heaven. so I thought I would do a post on my whole time there and what parts we all enjoyed the most.

So we travelled down on the Friday when Ethan finished school we got to James' nans at about 10.30 so we just unloaded our stuff from the car had a well deserved cup of tea and then went straight of to bed.

The next day was lovely waking up and just having breakfast made and no chores or anything to do except get Ethan ready and of course myself. James' nan lives in a town called Paignton so we just went down to the beach and then had some lunch done a little bit of shopping then me and James just relaxed in the sun while Ethan played in the childrens outdoor play area, in the evening we went out for something to eat in the local pub.

Some pictures of day one and beautiful Paignton

On day two we went to Torquay which again is beautiful we walked around the harbour and looked at all the boats which Ethan loved! There is also a London eye type wheel in Torquay which Ethan really wanted to go on but as soon as we had paid and were about to walk on to the carriage he freaked out and didn't want to go on bless him so we just stuck to the shops and ice cream.

 In the afternoon we decided to go back to the beach at Paignton, me and Ethan had a paddle in the sea and we all built a big sand castle and went treasure hunting as Ethan would call it to find some crabs and other little creatures. we didn't find anything too great just a shoe and Ethan found a piece of a fishing rod that he's now so attached to we can't seem to get rid of it!

later that night after dinner we headed back off to Torquay to take Ethan to the arcades but I think I had more fun than him, James won two Peppa pig teddy's and I won loads of key rings! I was also very shocked at how generous the arcades were as at home your lucky if you get one thing out of the machines.

some pictures from the day in Torquay

 On the third day we just done a bit of shopping and Ethan had a an hour or so playing on the outdoor play area then later on that afternoon we headed for home.

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Friday, 26 July 2013

Devon day 2 OOTD

Mine and Ethan's OOTD

Dress: Florence&Fred at Tesco
Sandals: Peacocks
Earrings: Newlook 

Top: H&M 
Shorts: H&M 
Shoes: Converse
Hat: H&M 

James' OOTD

Top: H&M 
Shorts: H&M 
Shoes: Vans
Sunnies: Peacocks

Thanks for reading

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Devon day 1 OOTD

Hi! So me, James and Ethan have come to Devon for four days to see James' nan. We travelled down last night and got here at about 10 it was quite late for Ethan, so we had a bit of a lie in this morning then went down to the beach as the weather is lovely and warm here. Then we took Ethan to the big children's outdoor play area they have it's fantastic for children and he loved it!

It's so nice to get away from home and spend quality time together :)

Today's OOTD

      Dress: Newlook

      Shoes: Converse
    Sunnies: Oasis

                                                            Ethan's OOTD

Top: H&M
Shorts: H&M 
Shoes: Converse
Hat&Sunnies: H&M 

Thanks for reading

Friday, 19 July 2013

beauty on a budget....budget beauty buys friday

Hi! so like many people I often have a budget to stick to which means I will go to any length to try and get my beauty fix at a low cost. I have a splurge on higher line cosmetics and beauty products about once a month but to get my weekly bits I stick to trying to get my products as cheap as possible and like most girls it gives you all the more satisfaction knowing you have found a bargain! 
And one of my favourite places to go and get a good budget beauty buy is Pound land. Once or twice a week I will pop in and have a good rummage through the health and beauty isle and I'm never disappointed with what I find. They often have named brands which I think are from the last season or the end of line products that didn't sell and of course they sell the cheaper beauty lines which I like to try because sometimes there is no difference with the named brands and for a pound if they are not any good you cant really complain can you? So every Friday I'm going to share with you my budget beauty buys from the week and what discount stores I got them from :)

So here are my budget beauty buys for this week...enjoy!

From left to right

Mellor&russell miracle moisture, hair repair mask. Deep conditioner for soft and shiny hair with argan oil. £1.00

Boujois Paris rouge hi-tech, water based liptint. £1.00

Trevor sorbie professional, beautiful blonde ice cool platinum uv shine protector spray. £1.00

OPI nail lacquer super bass shatter £1.00

Pantene Pro-V nature fusion, intensive restoring mask. £1.00

Pantene Pro-V nature fusion strengthening serum. £1.00

OPI nail lacquer black shatter. £1.00

All these products are from Pound land.

Thanks for reading

Thursday, 18 July 2013

DermaV10 BB cream review

Hi! so I decided to try out the dermaV10 BB cream this week I got mine from Pound land for of course a £1.00, I'm not sure if you can only get it in pound land or other discount stores sell it too but I thought I may as well try it as if it is not any good I haven't lost a lot.
Now I think the only shade they had available was medium so that's the shade I got but I think if I did have a choice I probably would have chosen that shade anyway. On the box it says helps to perfect skin and even skin tone and smooths appearance of fine lines, it contains caffeine and vitamin C and is SPF 15.

so my first impressions when I had squeezed a small amount on to my hand was it looked quite orange and it seemed a little runny, now I'm not sure if the consistency had anything to do with the weather as it is very hot at the moment so that may have made it a little more runny.

Then applying it to my face I used a real techniques stippling brush. I did have to wait a few minutes for it to obsorbe into my skin as it looked very greasy and oily at first and even when it had obsorbed in my skin it still felt a little sticky and looked shiny so I did have to use a light dust of translucent powder. The coverage I was very impressed with though as it did cover most of my blemishes and it evened out my skin tone but the colour for me was just a little orange, I have got a tan at the moment so it did look ok but if I were to use it regularly I would be best with a lighter shade as on my natural skin colour it would look very orange and unnatural.
(the pictures are not the best but you can see the difference between both)




 you can see after how my skin looks a little orange and shiny. But it has evened out my skin tone because on the before my nose and cheeks are red.
 With my powder and blusher on

So once I had applied my powder and blusher it did look a lot better, I wouldn't use this BB cream on its own so overall for the price I was very surprised at how much coverage I had achieved with it and would use the one I've already got again but don't think I will be repurchasing it unless I can get the light shade to try out.
Thanks for reading

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

OOTD: full circle skirts

Hi! so today's outfit of the day is with my sister Amy , we were going round a friends for tea so decided to share our outfits as we both had full circle skirts on!

top: newlook
necklace: peacocks
sandals: peacocks
sunnies: oasis
Amy's OOTD
top: newlook
skirt: newlook
necklace: newlook
sandals: newlook
sunnies: newlook
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