Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Poundland Makeup : Make Up Gallery Feeling blush Blusher Review

As you may see from previous posts i am a fan of budget beauty product! And these Makeup Gallery blushers from poundland did not disappoint, I grabbed one on my usual little trip to poundland a few weeks ago and then after using it i had to go back and get them all. 

There are four different shades and they are all very different so there's definitely something for every skin tone and personal taste. The packaging is very impressive for the price they look more expensive than they are with the black minimal writing and i also love the clear lid so you can see the colour without having to look inside or on the back at the name. 

The colour pay off once on is great, They are very pigmented and last all day which you can't really ask for a lot more in a blusher. They apply really well and you can easily build them up for a bolder look or use a simple stroke for a more subtle flushed look, I  have tried previous budget powder blushes and they have been chalky and crumbly and don't look very natural on the skin so i was expecting  the same with these but they were completely the opposite they look very natural and blended fantastically on the skin. 

I use these nearly every day and would definitely say they are one of my new favourite budget beauty products!

The different shades

Spice 3.

Coral Rose 4.

Candy Floss 2.

Soft Blush 1.

If you love a budget beauty product like me i would definitely recommend if you can get your hands on them!

Thanks for reading