Thursday, 18 April 2013

First blog post Hi!

So here's my first blog I have been wanting to do one for ages but thought who the hell would want to  read about little ol me...but I've finally made one as maybe there is someone out there who would. (haha! just kinding I bet there's no one but thought I'd give it a go anyway)
 So basically it will be about things I enjoy most in life like make up, fashion, my adorable little boy and my day to day scuffle with life.

So I'm 23 I have a little boy of three named Ethan and as you can guess he is the apple of my eye! I also have a dog named scrappy who is a jack Russel/chihuahua and a very fluffy cat named tintin, Please note the names were chosen by my son. And when my time isn't spent running around after my son it's spent running around after my boyfriend James who in my eyes is my second child!

I'm mostly known as cute little blonde Hannah which I hate as like I always say "how can I be cute
im not a bloody baby" so just recently I died my hair a dark purple/reddy colour....and I HATE it!
So in future I think I'll be sticking to my blonde locks.

My bestfriend is my sister, just my sister not my twin as most people think we are twins especially now I have dark hair, and you will probably see her beautiful face on here more than mine as I love putting make up on other people and she is always the victim.

My dream job would be a fashion stylist I love to experiment with clothes and dress people up in what I think looks great! I love to do anything that I can put my own stamp on, and at the end see something beautiful that I've created or put together.

Anyway I will stop going on and on now and actually post something worth reading!