Thursday, 25 April 2013

Catching up

So I haven't posted since last Friday as I haven't been well, me and my boyfriend decided to take Ethan to the sea side on Saturday and we didn't even make it out of the car as I had a major panic attack. so we had to get the paramedics out and go straight home....which wasn't fun driving for an hour with a severe migraine and feeling like you going to be sick any minute!

And now Ethan is unwell! So I'm currently up with him, making jam on toast, giving doses of calpol and giving lots of cuddles. I think he has chicken pox so a fun few days ahead of me!!! And we have a family wedding to go to on Friday so I'm hoping it isn't actually chicken pox. (fingers crossed for me)

I have been franticly looking for a dress and today I finally found one and considering it was just one of those "oh that will do" purchases I actually love it! So now I am very excited for the wedding. And then I have another wedding next Friday too, so another outfit is needed... Oh the pain of all the shopping I'm having to do! Haha!.....NOT!

I've also been filming my first video too and editing it, which is soo much harder than I thought! But hopefully it will be on soon :)

Oh! And on Monday I got my date for my interview for college to study beauty therapy so I'm very excited and nervous about that!

That's pretty much my week so far, so until the next time......Toddle pips my loves