Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Wedding daze


So as I mentioned in my last post i had a wedding to go to Friday just gone and it really was a lovely day. I'm usually not a fan of weddings as they can be so military and I just feel tense and can't relax and enjoy myself, But I really did this time. It was relaxed and everyone was so friendly. Ethan came with us and he was so good in the church even though by the end of the ceremony he was bored out of his little brain!
I was really nervous because it was my boyfriends family and it was the first time I have met them all so I was really trying to make an extra effort and look my best, but thankfully his family were lovely and made me feel so welcome.

My outfit

The dress and bag is south from very.co.uk.
The shoes are love label from very.co.uk.
The black blazer is from new look.

It was a real child friendly day and Ethan was not the only child running around and using the decorations as toys so that was especially what thought was great as it didn't make me feel on edge.
All the children got one of these cute little boxes with their name on and inside there were sweets, a car and a colouring book with crayons. So that kept him amused for a while.

Some pictures from the day
Me and James after the ceromony

Ethan eating his soup I think he got more on the table cloth than in his mouth!
Ethan picking me Somme daffodils...the little cutie!

Toddle pips