Thursday, 18 July 2013

DermaV10 BB cream review

Hi! so I decided to try out the dermaV10 BB cream this week I got mine from Pound land for of course a £1.00, I'm not sure if you can only get it in pound land or other discount stores sell it too but I thought I may as well try it as if it is not any good I haven't lost a lot.
Now I think the only shade they had available was medium so that's the shade I got but I think if I did have a choice I probably would have chosen that shade anyway. On the box it says helps to perfect skin and even skin tone and smooths appearance of fine lines, it contains caffeine and vitamin C and is SPF 15.

so my first impressions when I had squeezed a small amount on to my hand was it looked quite orange and it seemed a little runny, now I'm not sure if the consistency had anything to do with the weather as it is very hot at the moment so that may have made it a little more runny.

Then applying it to my face I used a real techniques stippling brush. I did have to wait a few minutes for it to obsorbe into my skin as it looked very greasy and oily at first and even when it had obsorbed in my skin it still felt a little sticky and looked shiny so I did have to use a light dust of translucent powder. The coverage I was very impressed with though as it did cover most of my blemishes and it evened out my skin tone but the colour for me was just a little orange, I have got a tan at the moment so it did look ok but if I were to use it regularly I would be best with a lighter shade as on my natural skin colour it would look very orange and unnatural.
(the pictures are not the best but you can see the difference between both)




 you can see after how my skin looks a little orange and shiny. But it has evened out my skin tone because on the before my nose and cheeks are red.
 With my powder and blusher on

So once I had applied my powder and blusher it did look a lot better, I wouldn't use this BB cream on its own so overall for the price I was very surprised at how much coverage I had achieved with it and would use the one I've already got again but don't think I will be repurchasing it unless I can get the light shade to try out.
Thanks for reading