Tuesday, 30 July 2013

top 5 summer nail polish

Hi! As the the summer is in full swing I thought I would share my top 5 nail polishes that are my favourite so far in the summer 2013!

I love most colours in my collection but these 5 are the ones I mostly go too to finish off my summer outfits.

So number 1 is
Headline colors nail polish in catwalk which is a pinky red colour, I got this in a glossy box a few months ago a never used it till this week and instantly I loved it the colour is perfect for summer. The thing I love the most about this nail polish its red but a very different shade to all the other countless reds I've got. I wear it with really pale coloured outfits to bring a pop of colour.

Number 2 is
Boujoirs Paris so laque glossy in the colour 03 BCBeige, This is neutral colour which I use on my nails when I have a lot of colour going on with my clothes as its still a very distinctive colour but not too bright and can be worn with almost any colour.

Number 3 is
Gelly high shine nail paint by Barry M in the colour prickly pear 316 again like the last it is a pastel lilac colour and is such a pretty colour on, I love the gelly shine nail paints from Barry M, i think they stay looking fresh for days. This colour I usually team with a pastel colour outfit as its still quite a subtle colour so never looks too much when pair with similar colours.

Number 4 is
Nail paint by Barry M. This one I'm not 100% sure on what the name is on the bottom where the name usually is, is the letter A so I'm assuming that is the name. but if its not then it's limited edition and the number is 327 its a neon pink colour and I love it! if I had to choose one fav this summer this would be it, it is bright and to me it just feels so summery and looks amazing teamed with a cute floral dress. (In the picture this one looks red and similar to the headline colors one but it is really a bright pink)

And finally number 5 is
Color club professional nail laquer in the colour London calling this is actually from the wanderlust collection but I got mine in a BirchBox and I fell in love with it straight away! It is a pastel mint green colour and to me just screams summer, i love to wear it with an outfit that is just one block colour so my nails are the statement. the only down side to the this is that its a very tricky colour to apply as any mistakes can easily be seen as its such a pastel colour.

Thanks for reading