Monday, 29 July 2013

Devon memories

Hi! I'm so sad to back from Devon it was so lovely to have a break from the usual day to day life, it has also made me want to move there so much more! the way of life there is so much more relaxed and to have a beach right on my door step would be my idea of heaven. so I thought I would do a post on my whole time there and what parts we all enjoyed the most.

So we travelled down on the Friday when Ethan finished school we got to James' nans at about 10.30 so we just unloaded our stuff from the car had a well deserved cup of tea and then went straight of to bed.

The next day was lovely waking up and just having breakfast made and no chores or anything to do except get Ethan ready and of course myself. James' nan lives in a town called Paignton so we just went down to the beach and then had some lunch done a little bit of shopping then me and James just relaxed in the sun while Ethan played in the childrens outdoor play area, in the evening we went out for something to eat in the local pub.

Some pictures of day one and beautiful Paignton

On day two we went to Torquay which again is beautiful we walked around the harbour and looked at all the boats which Ethan loved! There is also a London eye type wheel in Torquay which Ethan really wanted to go on but as soon as we had paid and were about to walk on to the carriage he freaked out and didn't want to go on bless him so we just stuck to the shops and ice cream.

 In the afternoon we decided to go back to the beach at Paignton, me and Ethan had a paddle in the sea and we all built a big sand castle and went treasure hunting as Ethan would call it to find some crabs and other little creatures. we didn't find anything too great just a shoe and Ethan found a piece of a fishing rod that he's now so attached to we can't seem to get rid of it!

later that night after dinner we headed back off to Torquay to take Ethan to the arcades but I think I had more fun than him, James won two Peppa pig teddy's and I won loads of key rings! I was also very shocked at how generous the arcades were as at home your lucky if you get one thing out of the machines.

some pictures from the day in Torquay

 On the third day we just done a bit of shopping and Ethan had a an hour or so playing on the outdoor play area then later on that afternoon we headed for home.

Thanks for reading