Monday, 12 May 2014

My Hair care routine

As I posted my skin care routine yesterday I though I would also run though my hair care routine too, Its not amazingly special as when it comes to hair I'm not as enthusiastic as I am beauty so I just do the minimum to keep my hair looking healthy.

To wash my hair I use Herbal essence beautiful ends shampoo and conditioner it helps protect split ends which is something my hair has plenty of as I blow dry it a and use hot tools on it all the time, If I've used a lot of hair spray in my hair I use the shampoo twice to give it a real deep clean. It leaves my hair feeling soft and smelling so nice, I've used so many shampoos and conditioner that leave my hair feeling sticky and like I've just applied a load of product to my hair instead of washing it! It lathers up so much which again is something I really want from a shampoo because it really feels like it's doing its job. With the conditioner  I use it only on the mid lengths of my hair and comb it though with a detangling comb to just get rid of and knots and it also makes it easier to brush though when I'm blow drying it.


Twice a month I also use Pantene pro-v nature fusion intensive restoring hair mask, It is a thick conditioner that nourishes and strengthens hair, I shampoo and condition like normal and then spread a good amount of this in my hair mainly focusing on the ends I leave it in for 10 minutes and then rinse in out. I always give my hair an extra rinse with cold water to just make sure all the product is out, as if there is a even a small amount left in your hair once its dry it makes it looks greasy and it also feels slightly sticky and smooth and silky. This mask is great as my hair is very dry and coarse so this leaves it feeling soft and like I've just walked out of a salon.

Once my hair is washed and slightly towel dried I use the Pantene pro-v nature fusion strengthening serum this serum is for fine/weak hair, My hair is not necessarily fine but it is very weak so I use this for extra protection from the heat damage it incurs though the constant curling! It leaves my hair silky soft and ready to style.
Once styled I use Toni&Guy shine gloss serum I got this in a Birch box or a Glossy box I cant remember which exact one but I never used it until recently and I'm so impressed with it. You use 1-2 pumps rub it into your fingers and then work it into the mid lengths of your hair I also use what I have left on my hands to tame any frizz on the roots, It works so well and doesn't leave my hair feeling greasy like many other shine serums I've used. It does it exactly what it says on the tin, controls frizz with lightweight shine and alignment.


That's how I keep my locks looking healthy and frizz free!
Thanks for reading