Sunday, 11 May 2014

My skin care routine

I have never really had a regimented skin care routine until I started studying beauty therapy at college I then had a sudden realisation that I have one year until my skin is classed as mature skin (yes crazy I know I don't look a day over 17! Phaha!) so I thought I need to get a routine set up to hopefully keep my skin looking young fresh and as blemish free as possible. I always cleansed and maybe moisturised the odd time but as long as my face was clean I though right that will do. But I now have a strict routine in place and if I'm to tired one night and I just jump in bed and then realise I haven't cleaned my face guilt gets the better of me and I'm up wizzing away with my Clarisonic knowing I'm going to wake up with fresh skin, which I think is the best feeling ever!

The products I use are not lavish expensive creams and potions just products that I've tried and found give me the results that I want for my skin. Another great skin care tip I've learnt from college is how important it is to exfoliate and use a mask so every 2 weeks I give myself a mini facial with an exfoliator and mask which before I wasn't doing I was just using them here and there and not making them a vital part of my skin care regime.

So first of all to remove my makeup and the main bulk of dirt on my face I use the Simple foaming cleanser, it is a liquid cleanser that when you pump out of the bottle turns in to a foam, you only need 2 pumps for your whole face and I just rub this in to my skin to remove the makeup and on my eye area to remove any eye makeup as this works really well on removing eye make up, I then rinse it off with water. I am really in love with this cleanser it is the first foam cleanser I have used, I have heard so many good things about foam cleansers so when I was in need of a new cleanser I thought I would just give one a try and personally I don't think I will go back to using cream cleansers like I was before as they clog my skin and don't leave it feeling clean it just always felt greasy which for me is not great as I have an oily T-zone so It wasn't helping my problem I was making it worse. Where as this cleanser really makes my skin feel clean and fresh it removes and my eye makeup with just one use and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry and tight after.
After I have removed the bulk of my makeup I then use my Clarisonic with refreshing gel cleanser to give my skin an extra deep cleanse to remove any make up or dirt the foam cleanser may have missed. I have a review here on the Clarisonic Mia 2 and how I use it. I was using my Clarisonic twice a day like it recommends but I have cut down to once a day just in the evenings as I have been suffering from really bad breakouts around my chin area and I don't know why but I felt using it morning and night was causing it, so I stopped using it in the mornings and I haven't had any since. I'm not sure why it would have caused it but I think maybe I was over cleaning my skin leaving it raw and my pores open causing them to get clogged. I don't know if it was main reason but I'm going to leave it a while and then slowly introduce it again in the morning to just see if the same thing happens again. Once I have cleansed I then pat dry my face with a clean towel.
I then use the Simple hydrating light moisturiser applying it all over my face and down my neck, This moisturiser is lovely as it soaks into skin and doesn't feel heavy or oily which again is something I look for in my skin care products as I hate my skin feeling greasy or full of product. Then to finish I use my Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream lip protectant stick which I LOVE! It keeps my lips soft and free from dry skin and is the perfect finish to my skin care.

For my mini facial that I give myself every 2 weeks I use a T-zone blackhead clearing scrub with Manuka honey and Tea tree so it smells lovely and the grains in it are not to rough so it doesn't feel like it scratches the skin. After I have cleansed with my Simple foam cleanser and then my Clarisonic I apply the scrub all over my face and then massage it in using small circular motions paying a lot of attention to my chin and nose area where I suffer most with black heads and clogged pores, once it feels like all the grains have dissolved I rinse with cold water. I do this mini facial whilst I'm in the bath as its easier to rinse the products off and its my way of relaxing while the mask is on I just lay back and read my favourite blogs and watch my favourite beauty youtubers.

After I have rinsed off the scrub I use a deep cleansing mud mask with natural mineral benefits of dead sea mud. I put this all over my face except my lip and my eye area I leave it for fifteen minutes so it hardens and then rinse it off with warm water. My skin feels smooth, soft and rejuvenated it instantly helps any spots I have and gives me an instant clearer complexion. I then pat my face dry with a clean towel and then like my every day routine I apply the Simple hydrating moisturiser and Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream lip protectant.

Thanks for reading