Saturday, 10 May 2014

Catch up: Daily life took over

Hi! finally I'm back after what feels like a lifetime. Reason for my absence my laptop again if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen I went to write a makeup post and my laptop had just broken it wouldn't turn on so I just popped it under my bed thinking I'll get it fixed (not trying to persevere and sort it out as my Patience with technology is not the best). And as you can see from my lack of posts I never did get round to taking it in to be fixed, daily life took over and as I only use the lap top for blogging and my phone or Ipad mainly for anything else the blogging head went straight out the window. But for the past few weeks I've been really wanting to get back in my blogging zone so I reluctantly decided to pull it out from under the bed and see if it would turn on for me and hey presto it did! so I'm putting it down to it having a bad day as its not the best piece of kit I have, It has a piece of garden wire holding it together so give the old beast her dues, she really does need to be replaced but I'm to busy wasting money on things I don't need! Haha!
So what has been happening well I'm basically nearly finished at college I have about 6 pre/final observations to do then I will be qualified in July which I'm so excited about!
Me and Ethan are off to Disneyland Paris in June and I'm mega excited, It's like I'm a kid again getting all giddy every time I see anything Minnie mouse and thinking oh I'll buy that to wear/take to Disneyland so expect some Disney posts.
I am also doing a UV gel nail course next month which I really cant wait to do so I've been glued to watching gel nail tutorials on YouTube there are some fantastic channels with amazing talented ladies on doing fabulous designs my favourite is NovaNailsInc I love watching her videos you should check them out if you are a bit of a nail geek like me.
AHH it feels good to be back and hopefully it will be for good if my laptop decides to play nice, now to get all my ideas for posts that have been building up in my note book up! 
Thanks for reading