Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Thumbs down: 5 beauty products i wasn't impressed with.

Its not very often i am disappointed with something that I've bought usually if i don't like it to begin with after a couple of uses my opinion changes and I'm happy but sadly these 5 products have really not impressed me at all. I have given every single one them the benefit of the doubt and persevered with it for a while but i still cant say I'm a fan! 
And here's why.

1. MAC matte ruby woo.

I really wanted to love this lipstick i wanted it so badly and when i finally convince myself to buy it (because you know its not like any other red i have.. its matte!) i couldn't wait to wear it as my favourite go to red. But i was very disappointed with it the first time i even wore it The colour for me is perfect it is a blue toned red and looks great on my skin tone and also makes my teeth look whiter but sadly that is as far as my love for it goes, It is the matte version of ruby woo and i think these are clay based lipsticks to give it that real matte look but for me it is just makes it terrible to apply even when applying it with a lip brush it still just dragged on my lips and didn't glide on smoothly. I also found that it bleeds so easily and at first i thought it was because i needed to line my lips with a lip liner first but applying a lip liner didn't change it one bit it still looked smudged around the edges of my lips and not that clean sharp edge that you want from a bright red lipstick, I did expect the feel of it on my lips to be dry but this is even worse than i expected it just feels tight and when i pressed my lips together it almost felt like...well the only way to describe it is like my lips were peeling. I really tried and wanted to love it but sadly its just sat in my draw left for a time when i want that "just snogged my boyfriends face off wearing red lipstick" look.

2. Nivea Daily essentials extra gentle eye make up remover.

I don't really have a lot to say about this eye makeup remover because it didn't really do a lot , It is a very watery eye makeup remover which for me i don't like because its hard to use especially near your eyes i found it just ran all over my face and i would always get it in my eyes as it would seep though when my eyes were shut. As for removing eye makeup it didn't do anything i was still left with lashes full of mascara and it would just smear any eyeshadow or liner i had on around and not actually remove it, I always had to go over my eyes with my cleanser to remove what ever i had on them. 

3. Barry M aquarium collection nail paint in Arabian.

When i saw this in the shop i loved it and had to have to have it! It looked beautiful and i am a fan of Barry M nail polishes so i had no reason to doubt why i would love it, I got home put it on my nails and was very very unimpressed. The colour on is nothing like what it looks like in the bottle, When you turn the bottle the colour is a beautiful green and when the light hits it it reflects a gorgeous blue colour. But when its on it just looks like a regular shimmery green and you don't get the blue when you move your fingers like it is in the bottle, If i saw the colour it comes out on your nails in a bottle on the shelf i would not have looked twice at it because its not even a nice green once its on your nails. I don't think I've ever been so disappointed in a nail polish before, I was so excited to get it on my nails but as soon as it was on i could get it off quick enough.

4. Right Guard total Defence 5.

When it comes to deodorant i tend to find one that works and stick with it, For me deodorant is not something you want try out different ones because its a new type or a different smell its there to to a job and if it does it leave it. Unfortunately when doing my shopping last week the trusted one i always buy wasn't available so i went with the closest thing i could find (same brand and similar hour protection). I have never used anything like it i had to re read the can to just double check it was a deodorant and not just a body spray with no-antiperspirant because an hour after getting out of the bath and spraying it i felt like i needed to wash again, my under arms felt sticky and very sweaty. On the can it says it fights perspiration, prevents odour, long-lasting freshness, instant response formula and triple stain protection. But for me the only thing out of those it does is stain protection but personally i would rather have a white mark on my black top than walk around smelling of sweat! this is going straight in the bin.

5. Korres wild rose foundation in WRF2

Like most of the other products I've mentioned i thought this foundation was going to be great for me as on the box it says its everything i look for in a foundation, It claims it is a long-lasting foundation with a flawless, radiant finish, smooth to apply and easy to blend. I found it completely different though it wasn't easy to blend at all i found it dried on the skin very quickly so if i haven't super quickly blended it in i was left with darker patches on my face which meant my skin looked very uneven and unnatural. Coverage wise it was fine it covered any blemishes or imperfections i wanted to hide but that's no good when your skin looks patchy and cakey. I did find if i mixed it with a little moisturiser it was easier to apply and looked less uneven but then the coverage wasn't what i wanted and if i wanted a light coverage tinted moisturiser i would of just bought one instead.

If you have tried any of these product and have had a different experience with them i would love to know as it is always nice to hear that they have worked and were great for someone.

Thanks for reading