Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Happy Apping! My 5 favourite apps

Hello! I am a bit of an app addict I'm always downloading loads of them and most of the time they seem really handy or fun but turn out to be a useless waste of time that just sit on my phone taking up my memory! So if your like me and get enjoyment out of having a phone full of useful apps that are easy and quick to use then keep reading for my top 5 that I use most days.
This is an the app I use everyday its such an easy way of staying up to date with all your favourite blogs, you just follow them and all the latest post come up on a timeline for you to scroll though and read. My favourite thing about it is that once you have liked a post you can then go on to your profile and see your "Liked" posts so if you need to refer back to posts its an easy way of looking back.
If you love crafts this is the app for you as its where other lovers of crafts upload their tutorials and pictures of projects and crafts they have done! Its really simple to use and all you have to do is create a profile and your ready to go. You can follow you favourite fellow crafters like their pictures and even comment.
A Beautiful Mess
I was so excited when this app came out and it didn't disappoint I love it!
It is a photo app and you can add cute little doodles and phases to your photographs as well as beautiful filters that really make your photos look stunning, the new feature of frames and putting multiple photos together has made it even better than before. It is so simple to use and the thump nail icon on you screen is so cute I can't bring myself to put it in a folder! is that sad? So If you love editing your pictures with quirky frames and filters and this isn't on you phone its a definite one to download.
I was really confused when I first got this but as soon as I got the hang of it I found it great. you can change the look off your app icons and customise your phone theme, you can choose from hundreds of different pictures for you wallpaper and apps. my phone looks so cute and girly now!

Cute Cut

This is my favourite video editing app I have used this so many times to make shorts films and edit pictures together, you can even add music, voice recordings and captions to your movies too. Its so easy to use and you can upload you videos straight to Youtube, Facebook and other social networking sites.

If you have any suggestions that you love I would love to know as like I said I am a sucker for an app!

Thanks for reading