Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Simple nail art tutorial: leopard and heart parcels


I love nail art but find I don't always have time to sit and do fiddly designs that takes hours to do and then god knows how many hours to dry! So I though I would show you two simple designs that are really easy to do, you only need two tools to do both and they will be dry in minutes.

You will need:
Basecoat & topcoat, I'm using Barry M Basecoat/topcoat & nail hardener all in one.
Neutral base colour, I'm using Bourjois so laque glossy in 03 Beige.
Black polish, I'm using collection 2000 maxiflex in 87 Ebony.
Pink polish, I'm using Barry M nail paint in 327 A.
White polish, I'm using Sinful colours in Bad chick.
Small dotting tool and a striper brush. My white polish comes with the striper brush.


First start with your basecoat putting a thin coat on each nail then taking your neutral colour apply two thin coats to each finger, using an orange stick wrapped in cotton wool and dipped in acetone to remove and mistakes. Then using the pink polish and the small dotting tool make odd misshaped spots on each nail, don't put to much paint on the dotting tool at once as the varnish won't dry on the nail and its easier to just apply little at a time as you can't take it off once its on but you can keep applying until you have the correct amount. Now with the black polish and again the small dotting tool roughly go round the pink spots to make an outline, you don't want to go all the way around the pink just an rough outline on each side. keeping with the black polish make misshaped dots smaller that the pink spots then just add your top coat and your done!

Heart parcels

Again using your topcoat first apply a thin coat to each nail and then taking the same neutral colour as before putting two thin coats on each nail, cleaning up any mistakes with the orange stick wrapped in cotton wool. Now taking the white polish and the striping brush make a line down the middle of the nail and then a line going straight across the middle of the nail to make a cross. Next to do the hearts, using the pink polish and the small dotting tool make a small line going up diagonally in the middle of the nail and then doing the same the other side of the first line making sure they are joined up, Then just going in to touch up the middle of the two lines if needed, pop on the top coat and your all done!

I hope you have fun recreating these nail designs and don't forget to tweet me your pictures @hannahnicolab or share them on instagram using the hashtag #hannahnhearts
Thanks for reading