Saturday, 22 February 2014

Precious memories!

For Valentines me and James decided not to get each other gifts but make something instead so we have something special to look back on. James suggested a scrap book which I thought was a fantastic idea, So last Saturday and Sunday we sat down together all weekend and scrapbooked!

We used an old photo album we had that hadn't been used and went to Pound land to get lots of odd crafty bits they had packs of lots of different scrap pieces of paper and they were also full of other little craft bits and bobs. So if you are going to do something similar and have a Pound land near you I would recommend these craft packs they were great and obviously only a pound each! We brought two of them and a pack of coloured pens so all together the whole project cost us £3 again another reason I was so please with outcome.

We collected any pictures we had lying around the house and all the special bits and keepsakes we had kept over the last 3 years of being together and sat down and started gluing and sticking all the special memories in the album, I also added little quotes and lyrics to songs that are special to us also little names and phases we have made up since being together. Ok it may be a little mushy and cheesy but I think it is a fantastic thing to do especially because we can always look back and remember things we've done and little sayings we have shared in the past and when Ethan is older he can look back at memories we shared together of when he was to young to remember.

A few pictures of inside

I am definitely going to carry on with the scrap book in the future and always keep it up to date as their are so many pages left and I still have tonnes of things to add to it from the last 3 years too and when this one is full add another book to the collection.

I love it and think if we did something like this every Valentines instead of expensive gifts that have no meaning and are forgotten about years later we would have a library of memories to always look back at and share with our children in the future!

Thanks for reading