Thursday, 20 February 2014

My manicure routine

Today I'm going to share with you my manicure routine, I try to give myself a manicure once a month but I don't always paint my nails as I'm not aloud to wear polish for college so I tent to usually just wear OPI Nail envy as I have very weak nails that always peel, so here's my way of keeping my nails looking healthy and beautiful!
 To begin with I clean any polish I already have on my nails and cutting them all to the same length I use nail cutters but nail clippers or scissors work just as well, Then filing them using a 180 grit nail file. Always file moving in one direction DO NOT seesaw as this causes heat friction which dries the moisture in between the nail layers and causes the nail to peel.
Taking a fine scrub I'm using a sugar scrub from FCUK I then rub this into my hand to help remove any dry skin I may have, To remove the excess scrub I soak my hands in warm water for 5 minutes this removes the scrub and also softens my cuticles.
Now using my cuticle massage cream I'm using a Strictly Professional one from my local beauty wholesalers and applying this to my cuticles using an orange stick or cotton bud and then massaging it in with my fingers, then using my cuticle remover which again Is a Strictly Professional product I got from my local beauty wholesalers and with an orange stick wrapped in cotton wool I apply this to my cuticles. Now taking my metal cuticle tool, In small circular motions I gently pushing my cuticles back, If you don't have a metal tool the orange stick you applied the cuticle remover with works just as well. Next If I have any cuticle that has lifted or is hanging loose I take my cuticle nippers to cut away any excess cuticle that's left. Now to moisturise my hands I use the Body shop rose anti aging hand cream which has a SPF 15, It is very important to use a hand cream with an SPF to prevent ageing of the hands.

 To finish I "squeak" the nails (By squeak the nails I mean clean the nails until it makes a slight squeaking sound) with nail polish remover to remove any oils that may be on my nail so when it comes to applying my nail polish there is a clean base for it to fully adhere to then applying two coats of the OPI nail envy and finishing with a base coat I use Barry M top and base coat to give my nails a shine.
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